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The emotional value of or attachment to clothing

¿Why do we get attached to clothing? Because they bring us memories, usually good ones. We believe that if we throw away that special piece memories will fade away with them. This particular garment becomes a transitional element. The object becomes a bond or connection with something that gives us a feeling of inner security. It allows us to create a sense of space between the object, the person, the event which it represents and its reality.

Think about what you have in your closet, it is the window to our internal selves. When we go into someone´s closet, we can find garments that they haven’t worn for a couple of years, but they aren’t cape able of throwing away. Behind every piece of clothing that we hold on to there is a story. Each item becomes sentimentally attached to a special event or person. Objects become an anchor to our history. We are afraid of letting them go. We think that if we let them go our memories will disappear and with them all the meaning and power of behind the object. By giving them away, we are giving away our history and won´t be able to evoke those memories later.

We are defined by our possessions. It is cultural. They fill the emptiness, that probably we are not aware of, they represent moments of our lives.
Objects and clothing become meaningful when we attach feelings to them. Throwing away something important might be like removing a portion of who we are.
Our clothes express more about ourselves than we even realize. They reveal our identity. We give them connotations that may not mean anything to someone else, but they are capable of expressing our rawest emotions.

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