Usamos la ropa para cubrirnos o revelar alguna parte de nuestro cuerpo

Podemos escoger que partes de nuestro cuerpo queremos mostrar o esconder pero también escogemos que mostramos de nosotros mismos, de nuestro ser. Lo que queremos que los demás sepan de nosotros.

Esto esta relacionado con la ropa que usamos y con las connotaciones y las conexiones que le damos a nuestras prendas.

A través de la historia podemos encontrar que la cultura le ha dado ciertas connotaciones a algunas prendas en particular.

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The emotional value of or attachment to clothing

¿Why do we get attached to clothing? Because they bring us memories, usually good ones. We believe that if we throw away that special piece memories will fade away with them. This particular garment becomes a transitional element. The object becomes a bond or connection with something that gives us a feeling of inner security. It allows us to create a sense of space between the object, the person, the event which it represents and its reality.

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You are what you wear

Silhouettes have changed through history, as well as the concept of beauty. The Little black dress is a garment that almost every woman if not all have one in their closets. I have two with different silhouettes. One is a wrap dress, with spaghetti straps and a ruffle that falls from one shoulder through my chest becoming part of the wrap, the other dress has puffed sleeves and is fitted, it has a high waist and a midi skirt more like a pencil skirt. I can wear this one with a slim belt. They both shape my body in a different way. I wear one or the other depending on what story I want to tell that day if I am feeling sexy, feminine and pretty or if I want to just be comfortable. I can wear them both with a biker jacket It´s both masculine and feminine, it´s genderless. You can put these two pieces together and you will have a powerful feminine look and a disruptive one, it’s a mix and match, you are communicating many things, softness, and disruption, that you are not bounded to cultural codes. With both pieces, you can fully express your identity.

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